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Neela Nurseries offers a small number of seeds for sale, which are listed here on this page. Where possible we include photos of the seeds and plants, in different stages of growth. For each seed type we also offer planting instructions, and notes on mature plant size and best planting environments in the garden.

Seed quantities:
Seed lots or packets generally sell for two dollars each, unless we note otherwise, such as when the plant is rare or the seeds are difficult to procure. Seed quantities per packet range from five seeds to a couple hundred seeds, depending on the plant and the size of the seed. Generally, most seed packets will contain between twenty and fifty seeds.

Seed identification:
At Neela Nurseries, we value knowing and labeling the species names, or cultivated variety (cultivar) names of plants, and their seeds. We make every effort to correcty identify plants we grow, and plants which are new to us. With species plant seed, identification is normally straight-forward, as we gather the seed ourselves from garden spaces or in the wild. With cultivated varieties of plants, and seeds of these cultivars, we don't always know for certain the named cultivar of one or both parents of the seed offered. We'll always disclose when we are missing plant or seed identities.

For collectors and some gardeners, unidentified or partially identified plants may be less valuable and of no interest to grow, for the lack of parentage or named identity. In other situations, though, a person may be more interested in trying their hand at germinating a new type of seed, and learning how to do so successfully. It may be too that a gardener is more interested in learning general cultural and care of a certain plant, so that an unnamed seedling is useful for its biological qualities and growing needs and habits.

Where full seed descriptions are present, seed identities are given, or we disclose that we don't have a known identity for that seed.

How to order seed:
At this time, most seeds are not a part of Neela Nurseries on-line cart, and instead may be ordered by sending an e-mail message to Neela Nurseries seed team. In a seed order e-mail, please include name of seed type and number of packets desired. If there are any fulfillment issues we will correspond with you before sending seed.

Shipping of seed:
We can mail seeds anywhere in the continental United States. We are also able to mail seeds to some other countries, where it is legally permitted. Domestic and international postage costs are added to the price of seed orders sent to us. Larger seeds, and orders of multiple lots of seeds are mailed in padded envelopes, to protect seeds during shipping. As of November 2019, shipping rates for padded envelopes mailed in the US to US addresses stand at about eight dollars. See the United States Postal Service page about general shipping rates for details.

When the seed lots ordered are few, and the seeds themselves are very small, Neela Nurseries mails these seeds in a standard envelope. Seed customers can request a padded envelope be used with their order, by including this request in an e-mail.

The following seeds are presently available:

Desert adapted plants: Pacific Northwest and Columbia Gorge natives:
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