Plants at Neela Nurseries

This page is a starting point for plants of interest at Neela Nurseries. Our plant passion and focus areas include select Pacific Northwest native plants, plants in the aloe family1, and the New World plants collectively called agaves. The latter two groups aloes and agaves share a low-water-needs quality, which we value. Water is an important resource, and watering plants takes time. For these reasons, plants which require little or no extra irrigation often rank high on our "most liked" list of plants.

In the course of propagating plants, through seed germination, cuttings and offsets, we sometimes have extra plants we wish to sell. As part of this site, we've set up an on-line store to provide an easy listing of plants and seeds we are selling. Here is a link to Neela Nurseries items for sale:

*  Neela Nurseries store

The shopping cart feature defaults to showing plant and seed categories in a blue, menu-like bar near the top of the page. You can click on a category to see items of a given type. To see all items, you can type the '%' character in the search box, without any quotes. To search for plants with a particular word, phrase or part of a work, enter your search into the cart's search box, surrounding your word or text pattern with a per cent character at the start and at end of text to find. For example, '%agave%' causes the cart installation to show all plants and seeds with 'agave' somewhere in their name and or description.

Some of the plants for sale as of 2019-11-06 include:


One thing to note, we are using Opencart for an on-line shopping cart feature to our website. Opencart unfortunately doesn't easily allow for adding or setting a "return to home page" link on its pages. For this reason, links we make to our cart installation open in a new tab in the given web browser a site visitor is using. This keeps the current web page open, and opens the cart along side our site, of which the cart is a part. This is by our design.

Seeing and Purchasing Plants

In general the small number of plants we sell are available for pick-up by the purchaser, in person. We're not set up for shipping plants, and we understand there are state and other phyto-sanitation regulations and qualifications to meet in order to do that. There are a couple of exceptions to this limitation. We are able to mail bare root, dormant iris rhizomes during the summer and early autumn dividing season, a time when bearded iris are largely dormant. We are also able to mail small, washed, bare root aloe starts of certain types of aloe, when they're available. Additionally we are able to mail seeds in the continental United States, for the cost of postage and a small handling fee.

Neela Nurseries Site Content License

All written material on this page and this site, and all photos incorporated with this site, we have authored ourselves or requested and been granted permission to use by the respective authors. Our plant photographs published through this site we hereby apply to the Creative Commons License 4.0, with CC Attribution and Share Alike clauses here noted. We intend to apply this license or similar to our writing about plants, such as articles and observations which we include with photos of the plants.

Our primary goal with this site is to share our love of plants and our natural world, to learn and to hear back from our community near and far. If the writings and photographs here at Neela Nureries inspire questions or comments, then we would love to hear from you. Best way to reach us is to write to the webmaster e-mail address at the lower part of this page.


1) Aloes are officially in the plant family Asphodelaceae.

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