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Welcome to Neela Nurseries, a micro-nursery in the greater Portland, Oregon area. We specialize in propagation and growing of Pacific madrona trees, northwest native stonecrops, and a small selection of non-native but popular bearded iris. From time to time we offer for sale a few other kinds of plants including some succulents in the aloe and agave families, and even a rare-for-us cactus.

While we don't write a blog or have much social media involvement, we are interested to hear from fellow gardeners how plants which they obtain from us fare in their gardens. This helps us to learn which plants grow well in our area, and which plants are good companions when planted together. Look to end of this page for our e-mail to contact us.

Work on this site is underway and slow going, but moving this winter of 2019. Our plant nursery and web site are a work in progress. Links at the top of this site's pages are for navigating page-to-page on site, and sometimes to other sites. Any links in grey in the top navigation bar are not yet active.

If you have comments, information to share or questions about our posted plants and articles, please contact Ted at the e-mail at the end of this page.

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